DIY Bracelets!

These DIY Bracelets where inspired from ones that I saw on Pinterest, so I will put the link just below. It has all the material listed that you will need. Have Fun 🙂

Pinterest links:

Pearl Bracelet with Charm

Glass Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Wether its the Holidays, Birthday or just because it’s always nice to just show how much you appreciate the ones you love. Instead of spending tons of money, especially if you’re a student and on a budget, why not get creative. So here are two cute DIY Bracelet ideas for the girls and women in your life. Plus its always nice to get a gift that is more personal and comes from the heart. The material does get costly but if you browse around different stores you can save yourself a lot! I shopped around at Micheals Craft Store and Walmart for everything that was needed. They do require a lot of time to make, especially since the work is intricate and can get tedious, but this is definitely a craft you can easily get lost in! And once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze.


IMG_4734 IMG_4749

Enjoy getting creative 🙂



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