Summer Night Outfit!

Hey lovely people, this will be my first ever Fashion post so please bare with me ahah. Of course as we all grow up were slowly finding ourself and figuring out how best to express who we are in this crazy world. Thats why I think Fashion is so great because it allows us to play around with things and find what we feel most comfortable in. Yes there will be certain times where we chose not to wear something because we’re afraid of what others may think or because we have certain insecurities. At the end of the day we all need to do whats best for ourselves, so embrace who you are and all that you have and go out there and make your own Fashion Statement. 🙂

Look of the Night:

FullSizeRender IMG_0333



Pink Blazer Jacket: Sirens (around 25$)

Textured Crossover Bustier: Simons (12.99$)

Mini Black Pencil Skirt: H&M (around 7$)

Cross Bracelet: Received as a gift from Lebanon

Gucci Bracelet: Received as a gift

Ring: Brandy Melville (around 2$)

Anakardo Bag: Aldo (55$)

Sandals: Yellow (10$!!!!)

The thing I love about this look, is I find it looks pretty chic and cute and it did not cost me a fortune. Of course you will invest more on certain items depending on how often you use it and for the quality. But remember you can still look great without having to spend tons of money.

Hope you’re all having a great week. Until next time!




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