Quote of the Week!

“You are where god wants you to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of his divine plan.”

This weeks quote of the week, has to do with a personal situation I have been going through for the past month. When you truly love someone and feel like you’re meant to be, there are certain obstacles that will get in the way. Especially when you are young and feel like there is so much out there for you to learn and experience before you decide to settle down and start your life. I know that what I am going through is all part of gods plan and same goes for everyone else out there that is struggling. Whether you believe in god or in a higher power such as the universe, everything happens for a reason whether you know what that reason is or not. We don’t always know what the future holds, so we need to learn to go with the flow. As time goes on and we get older things change and change is a huge part of life, without it we wouldn’t be able to grow and learn all the wonderful things that life has to offer us. So just remember to keep pushing through the hard times, stay active, positive and don’t forget to keep smiling… it really goes a long way.

Have a wonderful week and stay humble.



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