Semi Sweet and White Chocolate Cookies!

For the past year I have been OBSESSED with finding the “perfect” cookie recipe. If you all have heard about Felix & Norton cookies, you know they are to die for. I’ve loved those cookies ever since I was a little girl and I am still crazy about them. So i have been trying to find the right cookie recipe that tastes similar to Felix & Norton, because their cookies are pretty pricy in my opinion. All this to say, about a couple of weeks ago I came across this cookie recipe, and if you follow the instructions carefully you’ll see they come out great and tastes AMAZING. To me they taste pretty close to Felix and Norton :).

Here is the link to the recipe (little note only keep them in for 9 minutes no longer! Even if they look undercooked, they continue to cook once they are out the oven. Trust me it is key to having them nice and chewy): Cookie Recipe


FullSizeRender[1]    FullSizeRender[4]




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