Brownie Ice Cream Cake!

Who doesn’t love a little ice cream, especially when it’s mixed with cake:). Honestly it can be any season and you can still catch me eating ice cream!! This weeks post is an Ice Cream Cake that was  made for someones birthday. It’s super easy, fun and tasty.

First thing done was bake the brownies, using the brownie recipe that will be posted below. Let the brownies cool down before layering on the ice cream and also make sure to have some brownie leftover to decorate the top of the cake.

Recipe: Brownie Recipe

The layers were:


Vanilla Ice Cream (or Ice Cream of your choice)

Drizzled with Caramel sauce

Another layer of Brownie

Gold Medal Ribbon Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

then the cake was topped with Brownie bits, Malteser Chocolate and Caramel sauce.

Yes it’s a lot of sweets BUT it was so fun to make and so delicious.





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