Quote of the Week!

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

People may say “you’re too soft.” I get that A LOT but you know what, I’ve learned to take it as a compliment. Yes… I used to let people walk all over me because I was “too nice” and I have learned to stand my ground, while still staying true to who I am. I have learned who my real friends are, and who to trust and who not too. I guess you can say I have pretty good intuition when it comes to this! But having a soft heart does not make you weak, it makes you a very strong person and never let anyone tell you otherwise. I used to hate when people told me this, but id rather have a soft, kind and caring heart than a cold one who can’t express the way they feel.

Keep sharing love and being kind to those you come across, and you will see your life will be that much better.


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