Flannel Outfits!

We all know that flannels are “in” and I personally think that because they are in style the prices definitely went up. Call me cheap if you want but I have many responsibilities and I’m a student so of course I try to make sure I spend my money wisely. Don’t get me wrong, there are some clothing that require you to spend more money for better quality. Here is an outfit I put together with a flannel that I got from my great grandfather once he passed away! And let me tell you I absolutely love how it fits on me.

Outfit 1:

Gray Tank: Got as a gift but you can wear any top you would like!

Leggings: Lululemon ($98) but Forever 21 has great leggings for a great price!!

Shoes: Ardene ($9.99)

Flannel: Great Grandfathers, but you can find them ANYWHERE right now 🙂


Outfit 2:

Tank Top: Forever 21 ($6.90)

Shorts: Stitches 3 for $40

Shoes: Nike Roches (5 youth so they were around $70)



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