Quote of the Week!

“CONFIDENCE is not ‘they will like me’ CONFIDENCE is ‘i’ll be fine if they don’t'”

Today’s society makes it very hard for us to be ourself, because we try to live up to people’s expectations, but it’s absolutely ridiculous. We look around and everyone is pretty much the same, so why not be that person who stands out and is different from the “status quo”. I know I struggle sometimes to be my true self, but I do make an effort and try my best, because I want people to love me for who I really am. And there is nothing more satisfying than being yourself, because you are in your element, you’re comfortable and you feel so free and alive. So please do me a favour this week and BE YOU. Be confident OWN IT and don’t let anyone make you feel as if you are not worthy enough.

Have a lovely week!



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