Quote of the Week

“If it’s still on your mind. It is worth taking the risk.”

I can say from experience that I have taken some risks and I have no regrets with any of them. The biggest risks that I can think about has brought me to a place and to people that I am so thankful for. So if there is something that is always on your mind it is definitely worth taking the risk to do or say. Think about emotions that you want to share with someone, they will just weigh down on your shoulder until you let it out. Of course easier said than done, but no one wants to regret not having done or said the things they wanted. Once again speaking from experience I regret not saying the meaningful things I was thinking about to someone I truly love, and they are no longer with me physically but I know they are in my heart. All of this is to say, take the risk and be courageous.

Have a fantastic week!



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