Quote of the Week

“My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.”

I bet we all just want to live a happy life where we don’t need to stress and we can genuinely enjoy what we do for a living. Well guess what, YOU can make that happen. We are in a society where all people think about is being rich and having everything (materialistic things). I will admit I went through a phase where I saw my friends with certain things and I really wanted them as well. But as I got older I realized my version of being successful is being happy and doing what I love. Don’t get me wrong we need the money to support ourself and in order to help us accomplish some of our goals. But even then, chose something you are passionate about, something you believe in and the money will come. As long as you are able to share with others your belief behind your passion you can definitely make a living. Depending on what you chose you may not be the richest person money wise, but you will be much richer than those who only care about materials, because YOU will be happy. You won’t be stressing over the job you hate, or working for someone who does not appreciate you. Yes, depending on your passion you will struggle, there will be obstacles to face but if you are doing something you truly love, that will push you to keep going.


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