Quote of the Week!

“If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.”

I may still be young, but I have experienced a lot and I like to think of myself as lucky to have come to certain realizations at an early age. One of those realizations is do what makes YOU happy. As long as you are doing what makes you happy and something you love, the income will come if that is your main concern. Don’t listen to those that say “you’ll never make money doing that!” They either never followed their passion or are too scared to do so, so never let them stop you! We all deserve to live a happy life and if it means choosing a career path that involves what you truly love doing then definitely go out and pursue it. I always thought to myself that I want to be a lawyer or something in the medical field, once i started studying towards being in the medical field I realized it wasn’t what I wanted, I was miserable and so unhappy. Then I started working on art again and doing ‘artsy’ things and baking! Those were things I always loved doing as I was growing up but then I let life take over and the opinions of others and decided to study something that would make me a lot of money. But being miserable was something I just could not tolerate any longer, so I decided hey lets get a business degree and focus on the true things I really love which is being ‘artsy’ and practicing my baking. Let me tell you I am 10x happier than I was a year ago :). Just remember to always follow your dreams and live the life you love.

Have a great week!



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