Quote of the Week!

“The truth is in the present, and mind is always in the future or in the past, so there is no meeting between mind and truth.”


Once we learn to silence our mind, by forgetting what happened in the past because we can’t go back, and not stressing about the future because it does not exist, we can then find peace. Everyone says to cease the moment and really live in the present, trust me I get it, it’s very hard to do. Which is why we need to do everything we can to really centre ourselves. Whether it be 10 minutes of meditation a day, or something you love and enjoy doing, make sure to find the time to do it. If we don’t learn to be in the present moment we will constantly drive ourselves crazy… and I think we can all say that its not a good feeling.

This week lets all try our best to be aware when we start thinking into the past or future and try to bring ourselves back to the present moment!

Have a peaceful week.



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