Quote of the Week!

“What the world needs is more people who love themselves.”

I can easily say that I struggle a lot with insecurities sometimes, and the second I catch myself wishing I looked like this.. or looked like that… I stop and say think to myself how unique I am and try to think about all the stuff I DO love about myself. It is difficult at first but trust me the more you exercise that idea and actually do it, you will gain a new appreciation for yourself. We need to remember that we are all unique and all have something great to offer, everyone is different and are special in their own way. Imagine if we were all the same… how boring would that be. There would be nothing exciting and mysterious and thats no fun. We all need to encourage each other to be ourselves and really love every part of who we are. The second we all start doing that, we will see how much happier and better we feel. Also remember that nothing is more attractive than someone who loves who they are and shows a certain level of confidence.

Remember to be yourself and really love who you are on the inside and outside. Lets try for this week, to encourage those around us to really be their authentic self!

Have a fantastic week!



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