Quote of the Week!

“Make your passion your paycheck.”

If you love what you are doing and you practice every day to make sure you master what you’re good, trust me and trust in yourself that the money will come. There is no point in settling and working for others, unless it is truly something you prefer to do. If you are someone who has a very hard being micromanaged and do not enjoy working for someone else’s dreams like me, then work on your passion.

Finding your passion can sometimes be a huge struggle, but never give up. I’m still young only 22 and I thought I needed to have my life figured out the second I started University. I hate my program because it was not what I wanted to do and for a good year and a half I was unhappy. I really wanted to figure out what it was I enjoyed doing and I wanted the answers right away. Well we all need to be realistic and know that the answers don’t come over night. So someone really close and dear to my heart said I should start doing all the things I enjoy to do and seeing from there which ones truly spark a light in me. I started to draw again, creating things like gifts and DIY’s, baking and I started making jewelry like I used to when I was a little girl. I realized that all the stuff I LOVED doing when I was younger are the stuff I still LOVE doing now. My main thing is to make a difference in people’s lives and help them the best that I can and I see that through my baking and my jewelry I make people feel special because I always personalize the stuff I make.

This is all to say if you truly believe in your passion and work hard at it you can make it your living. We have one life so lets make it count by being happy and doing the things we love and making that our source of income.

Have a fantastic week!



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