This project is something I have been working on for a year now. Of course I though it would have kicked off already, but then I had to keep reminding myself that things happen and life is not always smooth sailing.

The key to making your dreams become a reality, is too constantly work at it every single day and have patience. If you’re truly passionate about something, don’t rush it, take your time to make the best product ever. And never let anyone tell you you can’t do it or that won’t make you any money. They’re just upset that they could not fulfill their own dreams. So keep working hard at the things you love and are passionate about.

I chose today to share with you guys the progress I have made and just to share how proud I am of myself for not giving up and constantly working at my craft.

The concept behind my brand is to really promote to the world especially those with insecurities, we need to really embrace who we are and love ourself. We need to encourage and empower those around us to do the same and not tear each other down.

If you would like you can always pass by my Instagram to see more. Instagram account.


BeYou Bracelets:




BeYou Bracelets!

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